is a native Malagasy who has been with us for 8 years and speaks flawless French.
Felicy is a skilful cook of Creole, Italian and international cuisines. She will make your stay easy and unforgettable.


is the second housekeeper, who has been with us for three years and speaks fluent French.
With her infectious smile, she will be at your disposal for any need you may have. Tina has obtained great skills as an expert cook, acquired through many years at a good restauranteering on the island._mg_3938

is our handyman and a skilled gardener who also helps with care of the pool.andre

is the guardian who patrols the house during the night.

The close-knit team has been selected over time in order to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at Casa Faly. Despite the remote and simplistic way of living you can enjoy a simple, but pleasant holiday surrounded by people who love the house and its guests.