Nosy Be is the largest island of the Madagascan archipelago. Sakatia, A 5-minute boat ride from Casa Faly, is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches both large and small. One of them is home to a resort and restaurant making this a perfect part of a day trip excursion with dolphin and turtle watching in the surrounding seas.
NOSY KOMBA. A 20-minute boat ride from Nosy Be, it offers various hotels – from luxurious stays to resorts, small B&Bs, restaurants and white beaches all along the coast.
NOSY VURNA. A 1 minute boat ride from Nosy Komba, is a tidal island only visible at low tide.
NOSY TANIKELY. A half-hour away from Nosy Be, it’s a marine national park. Diving in it’s crystal-clear waters leaves you feel aquatic and a deep respect for the sea. This Islands characteristics include incredible blue waters filled with tropical fish, rich vegetation, coral reefs and white sand sea beds
NOSY IRANIJA: An hour and a half from Nosy Be, it is made of two separate islands located one kilometre away from each other, which during low tide periods are connected by a stunning sandbar. On one of the two islands, there is a village that is equipped to receive the few tourists who reach it and on the other a luxury resort.
MITSIO:  is an archipelago which is an hour and a half from Nosy Be, the most famous island in this wonderful cluster is Tsarabanjina. The other islands, almost all totally deserted add to this magical nest of islands.

MADAGASCAR (Grande Terre):
With half an hour of ferry you arrive to the port of Ankifi, located on the north-western coast of Madagascar.
From there, Ambanja can be easily reached; this is the first village of the hinterland known for its cocoa, coffee and vanilla plantations that can be visited also by bike. You can proceed to Diego Suarez in the north east of Madagascar that overlooks the second largest bay in the world. The northern part of the island is home to the Ankarana Park (one of the 21 Malagasy national parks).
Travelling south, you constantly find turquoise bays, which are a surfers’ paradise.
From Nosy Be airport, there are daily flights to Antananarivo from where you can catch other flights to reach the south of the country, known for its wild and wonderful villages.